All budgets pass: Pat-Med, South Country, Floyd


The $195,640,699 budget proposition with a 3.16 percent budget-to-budget tax levy increase, resulting in a total increase of $255.78 per average household per year, passed. Also passing was Proposition 2, a $2.5 million expenditure for upgrades. Incumbents Teresa Baldinucci (1,375 votes) and Thomas Donofrio (1,367 votes) were voted into two open seats unopposed.


Yes: 1198

No: 705

Capital Expenditure Proposition

Yes: 1372

No: 525


South Country

Residents passed the $134,600,063 budget with a 3.36 percent increase in the tax levy, including a capital reserve expenditure for the South Haven Pre-K Center and building renovations at Kreamer Street Elementary, as well as the liquidation of property loss reserve fund of $490,451, which will be transferred to the general fund. Anne Hayes, Melissa Aruta and Clyde Parker were all voted into three-year terms and Cameron Trent was voted into a two-year term, filling four open seats.


Yes: 1282

No: 540

Capital Reserve

Yes: 1278

No: 508

Liquidation of Property Loss Reserve Fund

Yes: 1055

No: 716

Board of Education

  1. Anne Hayes: 1135; Melissa Aruta: 1041; Clyde Parker: 994; Cameron Trent: 981; Christine Rignola: 688; James Ford: 530; Karen Johnson: 435; Shawn K. Patrick-Reese: 173


William Floyd

The WF School District passed their $246 million budget with a 1.73 percent in taxes. The state budget also passed in Albany, giving Floyd about $666,000 more in aid than Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal. Since budgeting was based on his proposal, $400,000 of the money was used to improve technology around the district, with the rest distributed to other programs. April Coppola (995 votes), Robert Guerriero (905 votes) and Lorraine Mentz (891 votes) filled three open seats on the board of education.


Yes: 939

No: 531

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