Career fair at William Floyd

About 75 William Floyd High School students attended the school’s Career Cafe on Thursday morning in the gym to converse with and learn from professionals of various trades. There were 34 fields represented, including social work, legal, carpentry, sports medicine, photography, accounting, and several others.


Sophomore Theodore Pastor, who is in his first year at WFHS, has multiple interests for lines of work and entered the career fair with an open mind.


“I plan to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can,” Pastor said. Pastor took a look at sports and athletics personal training, communications, and graphic design. He also had a conversation with a filmmaker, also taking interest in behind behind a camera.


The filmmaker is Tony Guma, a WFHS alum graduating in 1980. Guma, who wrestled for the school, said this was his second year attending the career fair and recognized the teaching he received in the school district to be a significant factor toward his success in entertainment and athletics.


“Having had this 25-year career, it’s important for me to come back where I’m from,” Guma said. “The kids need to know on a daily basis, especially this community, that you can really break out of here and make a difference. It’s especially important to see [William] Floyd graduates that come back here because, for me growing up, there wasn’t much opportunity.”


WF Juniors Alyssa Drell and Keanna Sarmiento expressed attentiveness in whom they spoke with at the fair.


“I found it interesting to see everybody’s different paths and how they got to where they are and how their lives became their career,” said Drell, who aspires to be a teach high school math. In addition to secondary education, she sat down with social workers and those specializing in cosmetology.


Sarmiento, who has taken an interest in business finance, also had conversations with those in marketing and public accounting. Sarmiento gathered that the people she spoke with developed great work ethic and each took a certain path.


“It’s interesting how each peer has their own thing, how they got to that spot, how they found what they like through having their own experience,” she said.

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