Celebrating Thanksgiving at Tangier Smith

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The children were all smiles today as they wore turkey hats and spoke about the things that they were thankful for in Ms. Iapaolo’s kindergarten class at Tangier Smith Elementary School.  

“They are making books using site words that they have learned and saying what people in their family they are thankful for,” said Mrs. Iapaolo.  “And, they made turkey cookies.”

Down the hall in Ms.Markewitz first grade classroom, students have been earning their feathers for the last two weeks.  

“The children had to earn their feathers by doing math problems or word families, any kind of good behavior and hard work.  They would earn a feather for each of those different tasks, just like the native Americans had to earn their feathers,” said Mrs. Markewitz.  

The students enjoyed a feast today eating corn bread, apple sauce and popcorn.  “These are some of the things that they actually  used in the native American days,” stated Ms. Markewitz.  

The lesson for the day focused on what these young students are thankful for.  While some said that they were grateful for their mom and dad, other’s were thankful for water, medicine, food  and their Nana’s house.  

“In light of the hurricane, this is the first year that the students didn’t say that they were thankful for their Xbox and things like that,” said Ms. Markewitz.

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