Driver sentanced who killed 2 on dirt bike

Christopher Bouchard, 28, of Mastic Beach, was sentenced last week to 3 1/2 to 10 1/2 years in prison, after he pleaded guilty to killing two men in a car chase in North Bellport. Bouchard pursued Keenen King, 19, of Shirley, and his passenger, Anthony Holmes-Garriques, 20, of North Bellport, who were on a dirt bike, colliding with them and killing them both in June of last year. The victims’ families said they agreed to the plea deal because they wanted Bouchard to serve prison time, but showed anger and hurt after the court hearing. “He killed our son, for what?” said John Robertson, stepfather of Holmes-Garriques. “For a dirt bike?” Many were hoping that Bouchard would be charged with murder and be given a longer sentence, a goal that didn’t work out in court. “Bouchard should serve time to the fullest extent of the law,” said representatives from the Justice for Keenen and Anthony coalition. The coalition called for an extended sentence, rather than the manslaughter charge that was awarded. Organizers delivered over 300 signatures on a petition to the judge in the case asking for him to reconsider the charge. “I want to say I’m sorry to the families of the two young men,” Bouchard said at the court hearing. “I think about that day every day, and I wish I could take it back.” Investigators argued that he intentionally struck Garriques and King with his minivan, killing both of them. “This was no accident,” said the judge, Fernando Camacho. “What do you think is going to happen when you drive a 4,000-pound vehicle at 90 mph within inches of two young men on a bike without helmets? It was inevitable. They were going to die.”

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