Elementary students take top honors at BNL Science Fair

Two Longwood Elementary School students earned top honors at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair last month.

Ridge Elementary School second-grade student Alexis Hollingsworth received first place for her project, titled “Is artificial food dye harmful to the growth of living things.”  The objective of the project was to find out if food dye affects the growth of living organisms.

After planting seeds in a cup, Alexis used tap water to water the plants.  Once the plants were established, she watered several plants with a small amount of red, yellow and blue dye, leaving one plant without dye.  She quickly observed that the plant with no dye grew substantially faster and stronger than the plants with dye.

“I told my mom that dye could affect people, and now I know for sure,” said Alexis.  “Dye is found is so many foods, like snacks and candy.  I want to be careful not to eat foods with added dye.”

In addition to Alexis’s first place win, West Middle Island Elementary first-grade student Ryan Romano earned honorable mention for his project, titled “The Green Monster in the Waters of Long Island.” Ryan’s project observed how lawn fertilizers affect the growth of algae in our local waterways.

More than 100 Suffolk County schools take part every year in BNL’s Elementary School Science Fair. Some 470 projects, created by over 500 Suffolk County children ranging from kindergarten to 6th grade, compete.

Photo above: West Middle Island Elementary School student Ryan Romano earned honorable mention at the BNL Science Fair.

Photo l-r: Ridge Elementary School second grade teacher Sue Ann Rea, Principal Janine Rozycki, BNL winner Alexis Hollingsworth, and Assistant Principals Laura Hopkins and Anjany Persaud.

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