Elementary students use art, creativity to decorate pumpkins

Elementary schools throughout the district have been holding pumpkin carving and decorating contests as a festive way to focus on visual arts and ELA standards. Students came up with innovative designs which showcased their creativity and artistic skills.

Elementary students use art, creativity to decorate pumpkins
 John S. Hobart Elementary School students holding up their pumpkins in the PTO Pumpkin Contest.
Moriches Elementary School students Rylie and Drew Wiegand with their first-place “Dunkin’ Donuts” pumpkins.

At Moriches Elementary School, Linda Tucci’s art students participated in the 38th annual “Great Pumpkin Contest,” in which students and their families worked collaboratively to create an original sculptural pumpkin using any materials and techniques they could incorporate. Taking first place in the contest were Drew and Rylie Wiegand and family for their “Dunkin’ Donuts” pumpkins; “The Shark” by Courtney Petersen and family received second place; and third place went to Julianna Zach and family for their “Gumball Machine” pumpkin which used real gumballs. Also earning honorable mentions were Jack and Riley Meyer and family; Matthew and Brooke Filosa and family; and Madalynn Carter and family.

Click below to see photos of the pumpkin contests! 

Moriches Elementary School Pumpkins 

John S. Hobart Elementary School Pumpkins

William Floyd Elementary School Pumpkins

Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School Pumpkins

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