Floyd Academy celebrates 2018 mid-year graduates

The Floyd Academy recently hosted a celebration to honor its 10 January graduates who have received their high school diplomas and will have the opportunity to walk with fellow graduates at the June ceremony.

Floyd Academy celebrates 2018 mid-year graduatesStudents gathered with family members, teachers, members of the Board of Education and district administration for the luncheon, which was catered by the Floyd Academy faculty and staff.

“Graduation from high school is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated,” said John DeBenedetto, Principal, Floyd Academy.

“Our students have learned that with determination and support anything is possible; I know that they will carry that momentum and success into the next chapter in their lives.”

Congratulations to the following graduates: Courtney Asanto, Antonio Boscia, Sabrina Coombs, Pedro Danielsen, Danesha Giles, Megan Healy, Alina Riccio, Nicholas Scalera III, Rhiannon Spence and Michelle Stewart.

The Floyd Academy is an alternative education program to help students succeed in a non-traditional school setting. Established in September 2016, the Floyd Academy serves approximately 75 students in grades 10 through 12, and provides a safe and nurturing environment that provides students with the opportunity to develop positive and trusting relationships. It is not punitive, students who have a desire to be successful and have faced challenges in their school and/or personal lives can apply.

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