Foreign Language Honor Society hosts first induction since 2011

Approximately 40 William Floyd High School students were recently inducted into the newly reformed Foreign Language Honor Society (FLHS), a group which was founded to recognize students’ academic excellence in Spanish and Italian, as well as to inspire continued interest in each language and culture. William Floyd students have the opportunity to begin taking either language beginning in the eighth grade and continuing through the twelfth grade. They also participate in many cultural and philanthropic events to promote awareness and appreciation of Hispanic and Italian culture. The evening included student reflections, a candle-lighting ceremony and oaths in Spanish and Italian.

Student requirements for induction into the FLHS include a 90 or above grade point average (GPA) in all of their foreign language courses, an overall cumulative GPA of 85 or higher, the completion of an essay in their language of study, teacher recommendations, and the demonstration of good character and ethical behavior.

“To become a member of the Foreign Language Honor Society requires honor, diligence, responsibility and integrity; I am proud to say each of these values can be found in every one of these students,” said senior Liana Perez, President, FLHS. “This night is the culmination of our success of a journey that began in eighth grade. We have the future ahead of us and a lifetime of learning and enlightenment. At this moment, we vow to succeed, not only in our commitment to foreign language studies, but in all future endeavors.”

Congratulations to the following students: Taylor Esposito, Yessenia Folks, Kerrith Guardado, Kaitlyn Hedges, Jasmine Hobson, Gabriella Marroquin, Adriana Mendez, Gabriella Pado, Austin Nikolas Reyes, Massimo Saputo, Kasey Velasquez and Julio Velez for Italian; and for Spanish, Kayla Amaya, Fatima Bhatti, Brianna Billian, Crystal Blair, Martha Bonilla, Emma-Rose Cervone, Danielle D’Angelo, Kiara DeJesus, Paula Godoy, Kasey Hammel, Kaylyn King, Briana Malone, Gabriella Marroquin, Hannah McGinley, Phasyria Mitchell, Alia Mohamed, Taylor Pedersen, Liana Perez, Emily N. Reyes, Chloe Rizzo, Alex Russo, Steven Shaw, Lillianna Stafford, Julia Troost and Quinn R.W. Yancey.

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