Graduating seniors visit former elementary schools

Nearly 250 members of the William Floyd High School Class of 2018 participated in the district’s second annual “Graduation Walkthrough,” an opportunity for the seniors, donned in their caps and gowns, to visit their former elementary schools – John S. Hobart, Moriches, Nathaniel Woodhull, Tangier Smith and William Floyd. The event is designed to inspire current elementary students on to great things in their academic careers, as well as give the graduating seniors an opportunity to go back to where it all began for them and express their gratitude to their former teachers, teaching assistants and principals. With “Pomp and Circumstance” playing on each school’s public address system and elementary students lining the halls of each school, the soon-to-be alumni were welcomed, congratulated and cheered on by the elementary students and staff for all that they have accomplished.

“I am always amazed at the level of enthusiasm the elementary schools generate which helps make this event fulfilling for all involved,” said Matthew Sanders, William Floyd High School Assistant Principal and coordinator of this event. “I wish all could have seen the looks on the seniors’ faces as they returned to the high school and described the bittersweet feeling of returning to the place where it all began.”


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