Honoring a Fallen Hero


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Family and friends came out tonight to honor a hero from Mastic, who gave his life on September 11, 2001.

Kevin Joseph Smith was a fireman for 22 years with New York City’s Haz-Mat Company, 288 Squad in Queens.  He was a volunteer member of the Mastic Fire Department, East Farmingdale Fire Department and Mastic Ambulance.  He was an instructor for hazardous material for the fire academy in South Carolina.  Kevin  was last seen inside the lobby of the north tower before the building collapsed. 

Kevin was a boy scout when he was a young boy and a became a marine at the age of seventeen.  “He did weapons of mass destruction training for the fire department and ambulance,” said his widow Jerri Smith.  “He was a smart guy.  He got the computer system going in the Mastic Ambulance Corp.”

 “He always cooked for the whole ambulance company on holidays and brought them Thanksgiving dinners when they had to work,” Jerri stated.  “He was a great guy, very caring.”

 A family man, Kevin had five children, three stepchildren and nineteen grandkids.

 When asked what one word would describe Kevin, Jerri said with a smile on her face, “Giving.”


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