‘Intro to Computer Science’ sets foundation for future programmers

William Floyd High School students enrolled in “Introduction to Computer Science,” a new course intended to serve as an introduction to computer science and computer programming, had the opportunity to write code and learn the foundation for computational problem solving, a solid base for students wishing to explore computer science as a college major or future career possibility.

“This course provides students with the opportunity to increase their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while having fun learning to write code,” said Ms. Nina Lurie, computer science and mathematics teacher at William Floyd High School.

'Intro to Computer Science' sets foundation for future programmers
William Floyd High School students participating in the international “Hour of Code.”

Introduction to Computer Science, a course for grades 10-12, helps students develop a framework for understanding the application, role, and impact computers have on society. It also provides students with the skills necessary to apply the elements of computer programming and the fundamental concepts of computer science to develop, design, code, test and execute a computer program.

'Intro to Computer Science' sets foundation for future programmers
Introduction to Computer Science/Mathematics teacher Nina Lurie helps students during the “Hour of Code.”

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, students will have the opportunity to advance to the new Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science course, which will emphasize problem-solving, algorithm development with object-oriented programming methodology utilizing the Java programming language, as well as the study of data structures and abstraction. This new AP course is designed as an equivalent of a first-semester college course in computer science.

Please follow these links to check out some of the student-created code from the Introduction to Computer Science classes! Intro to Computer Science – period 3Intro to Computer Science- period 7

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