It’s Paul Breschard Way now

First mayor of Mastic Beach honored posthumously with street name dedication

Paul Breschard never did things the easy way. So a dedication ceremony in the pouring rain felt like serendipity for his friends and family who gathered to honor him Friday.

The corner of Ducky Lane, where Breschard lived, and Cedar Road will now be known as Paul Breschard Way. His wife, Gerry, said it would have been an honor for him to be associated with “Ducky,” a nickname for Dr. Frank Calabro Jr., one of the “founding fathers” of Mastic Beach, who he admired. Breschard died in October 2016 at age 66.

“Ducky Lane is a nice name, but I think honoring a great man who worked for this community, who lived here almost all of his life, who was the first mayor of Mastic Beach, is by far appropriate,” said Brookhaven supervisor Ed Romaine.

Breschard was a community celebrity, his wife said. Whether being stopped in the grocery store by a former student, or stopped on the street with a thank you from a resident, Breschard always remembered. Gerry Breschard added that he was always honored to meet other residents and work with friends in the community.

She also said that for those who want to honor Breschard, the best thing to do would be to join Pattersquash Creek Civic Association. She said that’s the best way to achieve change in the community.

“He was a person of impeccable character, true intelligence, an amazing person who only wanted to make his community better,” said councilman Dan Panico.

Panico added he hopes the work done by the town since it took over Mastic Beach Village in 2018 is in line with Breschard’s goals and has made him proud.

“We want to make this area, for everyone but especially in Paul’s memory, the place it should be,” he said.

Breschard was one of the driving forces behind Mastic Beach’s 2010 incorporation, citing concerns that the Town of Brookhaven was neglecting the area. He was then elected its first mayor. He was also a teacher in the William Floyd School District. He stepped down as mayor due to health concerns and frustration with board deliberations and later ran for a trustee position.

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