Longwood Junior High School hosts Career Awareness Day

Students at Longwood Junior High School recently attended the school’s Career Awareness Day to gain a broader perspective of the variety of careers that are currently available.

The event delivered real-world experiences through creative interactive demonstrations in the fields of health, finance, business, education, automotive, engineering, and others. Approximately, 1,400 seventh and eighth-grade students attended the event where close to 50 presenters shared key topics about their professions including educational requirements, job outlook, skills, interests, and abilities.

Jerry Myler, Chairperson of the Counseling Department, hopes that students will see how decisions they make today can help shape their future career decisions.

“Career and postsecondary awareness are vital for our students,” said Mr. Myler.  “The focus of career day is to not only learn about careers but, more importantly, for our students to learn about the career journey of each presenter.  Everyone has a unique story, and it is essential for our guests to help students realize that a career journey is not always a straight path; but of perseverance, a good work ethic, preparation, and sound decision-making skills that will keep them on the right track for success.”

Pictured: United States Air Force Pararescue Jumper Ryan Dush instructs eighth-grade student Joseph Allesi on the use of an oxygen tank.

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