Moriches Elementary & WF Middle School Debut New Student Collaboration

Moriches, NY, December 17, 2018 – A group of seventh-grade students from William Floyd Middle School recently paid a visit to the fifth graders at Moriches Elementary School to present interactive lessons on exploration. The lessons, crafted by the students themselves, were designed to help prepare the soon-to-be middle school students for what to expect when they transition to their new school next year. The visit was also an opportunity for the seventh grade students to visit their former teachers and demonstrate to them what they have learned during their middle school tenure.

“One of our goals this year was to increase the collaboration between William Floyd Middle School and Moriches Elementary School,” said Deirdre Redding, principal, Moriches Elementary School. “We want to provide opportunities for our middle school students to exhibit leadership skills and have our elementary school students be able to experience what they will be learning and have the opportunity to be a part of it once they go to the middle school.”

Later this year, Moriches Elementary fifth graders will be taking a trip to William Floyd Middle School to continue the shared learning experiences. This is a tradition that both buildings hope to continue for years to come.

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