Murray Speaks Out Against 45% Toll Hike


Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C-East Patchogue) spoke out at a public hearing today against the New York State Thruway Authority Board’s plan to implement a 45 percent increase on certain commercial tolls. This dramatic increase will raise costs on trucking companies already facing a financial crunch from higher fuel prices, as well as on families and consumers facing escalating prices on goods and services. Murray, a member of the Assembly Transportation Committee, is fighting to stop this job-killing tax on all our residents from becoming a reality.

 “This massive toll hike would be a job killer,” said Murray. “Businesses that are reliant upon commercial trucking are already feeling the squeeze from higher fuel prices and will now be forced to spend more on transport and less on the crucial investments that create jobs and opportunities for our communities. Families will see this additional cost in the products they purchase, placing an extra burden on them at a time when the state’s economic recovery is still fragile.

 “I urge the Authority to reconsider its decision to raise commercial tolls by 45 percent. Our businesses and consumers do not need this onerous fee levied upon them.” 

The plan to raise commercial tolls 45 percent is a killer on jobs and families.


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