Musician reunited with lost sax

On Monday, August 4th, Tri Hamlet News posted the following message on our Facebook page:

“LOST SAXOPHONE: Steve Interrante from That 70’s Band posted this message and needs your help!

‘Freaking out. …I left my Selmer Mark VI Alto sax in the black gig bag case in the parking lot of Smith Point Beach…. and its gone :(((((((
Filing a Police report now….praying whoever took it….will be kind enough to return it soon….First time in 35 years as a professional. ….soooooo bummed at myself …. — feeling sad.’

Please share this post and help Steve find his sax. Thanks!”

With over 200 shares and just two hours later, a local resident left a comment on Tri Hamlet News Facebook page.

“Hello we have ur saxophone please let me know wear we can return it it was late last night and have been crazy all day it’s here and safe I’m not sure if putting my phone # up is a good idea so I’m not sure what to do jenn.”

Shortly after, Tri Hamlet News called Steve to let him know someone found his sax. Later that same evening, Steve posted this on his Facebook page:

“ELATED!!! THE UNIVERSE AT WORK!!!!! MY lost sax was picked up in the parking lot last night by Jennifer Mitchelstein-manzillo and family not knowing what to do with it….and then spoke to someone who saw the FB thread and I’m going to pick it up later!!!!
I had already called local Pawn Shops…had a police report…and in most cases I would have never seen this precious instrument again.
The POWER of Positive thoughts and prayers! THANK YOU for all the sincere best wishes and to the FB community…less than 24 hrs returned!
Can’t wait to Play again!!

— feeling thankful.”

Jennifer stated, “I was with my daughter Trinity and her girlfriend Katie at the beach listening to the 70s band with a group of our friends. When it was time to leave, we did and obviously Steve must have been parked next to my truck and pulled off before us and left his sax. The girls noticed it and couldn’t understand who would leave an instrument in the parking lot. Comically enough, we didn’t even put two and two together that it could have been someone in the band. We took it back home instead of leaving it for something to happen to it and wasn’t sure what to do with it. It was Trinity and Katie’s friend Sam who went on Facebook and saw the post and then we Facebook messaged Steve to let him know we found it and had it safe and sound and wanted to return it to him.”

“I appreciate everyone’s help in trying to track my sax down and it was truly a wonderful thing for all involved including the kids,” said Steve Interrante. “It was really special that they did something so kind and good natured.”

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