Nature Nick Brings His Animal Adventures to Tangier Smith

Third-grade students at Tangier Smith Elementary School in the William Floyd School District recently welcomed Nick Jacinto of “Nature Nick’s Animal Adventures” for a close-up peek at some incredible and even exotic creatures such as “Pokey” the giant African-crested porcupine, “Boots” the baby alligator, “Tarzan” the squirrel monkey, “Warlock” the Eurasian owl and “Lulu” an 18-month old red kangaroo.

Throughout the 45-minute presentation, students learned all about these exotic animals from various parts of the world including their habitat, behaviors, feeding habits and more.

“Thanks to our Cultural Arts Committee and the Tangier Smith Elementary School PTO, Nature Nick presented on animals around the world which is part of our third grade social studies curriculum,” said third-grade teacher Ms. Michele Montalbano.

Nature Nick visited students from the following classes: Mrs. DeFelice, Mrs. Unger, Mrs. Dunne, Mrs. Mason, Ms. Montalbano, Ms. Contes and Mrs. Zadrazil.

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