Ridge Elementary hosts first Leadership Day

Ridge Elementary unveiled its “Leader in Me’ program to elected officials, school board members, educators and parents during its first Premier Leadership Day on Thursday, April 6 2017. The program teaches students the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, which has transformed student behavior and is helping to mold them into future leaders. Legislator Kate Browning’s Chief of Staff, Josh Slaughter, attended the event and toured the building to see firsthand the positive impact it has had throughout the school.

Students performed for the visitors by showcasing their musical talents followed by a tour where students stationed throughout the school discussed the many leadership roles and jobs they have at school. These ranged from morning announcements, hall monitors, daily greeters, “Ridge Rock Stars” and many other duties that kids can apply for.

“Molding our youth into future leaders by encouraging cooperation, while also teaching important listening skills and how to be proactive and prioritize goals is critical to their development,” stated Legislator Browning. “Rewarding this good behavior reinforces the positive atmosphere.”

“The students were amazing, and it is clear how the entire school has benefited from the ‘Leader in Me’ program,” stated Chief of Staff Josh Slaughter. “The kids were fully engaged and they are learning valuable skills that will stay with them throughout life. I was extremely impressed by the positive impacts it is having on everyone.”

Teachers and administrators from other Longwood schools were in attendance to learn about the program and see how it has affected the students and staff. Longwood officials plan on incorporating the program into the other elementary schools throughout the district.

Pictured: (Center row right to left: Councilwoman Jane Bonner, Councilman Dan Panico, Chief of Staff Josh Slaughter, Councilman Mike Loguercio and Legislator Sarah Anker sit with Longwood School Board of Education members and students from Ridge Elementary during Premier Leadership Day.)

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