Ridge Elementary students “Wish You Were Here”

More than 40 students at Ridge Elementary School recently participated in a unique learning experience.  Virtually exploring states and geographical landmarks throughout the country, the students shared their research with handcrafted postcards addressed to students in different classrooms within the school building.

“I liked sending my postcard to my friends in another class and getting a one from my friends in another class,” said student Joshua Kaplan.

Students researched their chosen state using maps, books from the school’s library, and online resources. In several classes, the students worked collaboratively in small groups.

“Our students worked on comprehension, recalling details, formulating grammatical sentences to address speech and language goals and worked on life skills,” said Ridge Elementary Speech Therapist Amanda Hocevar.  “It’s been an incredible opportunity for us to collaborate using the classroom curriculum while targeting student goals.”

Pictured: Ridge Elementary School students share their research on various states throughout the country.

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