Shirley Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty

Three of the twenty-three pitbulls that were rescued from deplorable living conditions.

The Suffolk County SPCA has arrested a Shirley man for Animal Cruelty for keeping almost 2 dozen Pit Bulls in deplorable conditions inside and outside of his home.

Roy Gross, Chief of the Suffolk County SPCA said that Edward Erdman, 38, of 567 Rowlinson Drive, Shirley kept the dogs in deplorable conditions.  “The conditions these dogs were forced to endure were horrible,” Gross said. 

The dogs were living in their own excrement with no food or water and Chief Gross added that some of the dogs looked emaciated.

The investigation is continuing.

The dogs were brought to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter.

  1. Remember the Shirley 23?

    The next court case is on Tuesday, March 26th at the Suffolk First District Court in Central Islip. We need to show our support and show that these dogs have not been forgotten. We need to insist upon treating these situations with seriousness and severity. The public, media, and court need to see that we have not forgotten. Court begins at about 9am, please wear an animal related shirt if you can.

    Stay tuned here for updates in case the date is changed, etc.
    You can also follow the case here:

    If you cannot attend, please contact the DA in Central Islip and let them know you are following this case.

  2. We are taking any and all donations for the shelter of Food, Towels, Crates, Blankets, Bowl, Comforters, at our location, @ 403 Neighborhood Rd. Mastic Beach, NY 11951– /Tues–Sat..

    Thank you in Advance,

    Bow Wow Blvd..

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