Suffolk County issues advisory against bathing at 63 beaches due to heavy rainfall

Due to the heavy rainfall that occurred Monday and Tuesday, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services has issued an advisory against bathing at 63 beaches. The advisory is based on the potential that the presence of bacteria at levels that exceed New York State standards will impact these areas.

The beaches covered by the advisory are located in areas that are heavily influenced by stormwater runoff from the surrounding watersheds and/or adjacent tributaries, and because of their location in an enclosed embayment, experience limited tidal flushing.

The department recommends that bathing and other water contact be suspended in affected areas until the waters have been flushed by two successive tidal cycles (at least a 24 hour period) after the cessation of rainfall.  This advisory will be lifted on the morning of June 3, 2018, unless sampling conducted by the department finds elevated bacterial numbers persisting beyond the 24-hour period.

For the latest information on affected beaches, call the Bathing Beach HOTLINE at 852-5822, contact the Department’s Office of Ecology at 852-5760 during normal business hours, or visit Suffolk County Department of Health Services beach monitoring webpage.

Beaches Included in Bathing Advisory of 6/01/18

Beach Name Town
Amityville Village Beach Babylon
Tanner Park Beach Babylon
Venetian Shores Beach Babylon
Sound Beach POA West Brookhaven
Tides Beach Brookhaven
Beech Road Beach (NSBA) Brookhaven
Broadway Beach (NSBA) Brookhaven
Friendship Drive Beach (NSBA) Brookhaven
Shoreham Village Beach Brookhaven
Shoreham Beach Brookhaven
Corey Beach Brookhaven
Shirley Beach Brookhaven
Stony Brook Beach Brookhaven
Shoreham Shore Club Beach Brookhaven
Miller Place Park Beach Brookhaven
Scotts Beach Brookhaven
Woodhull Landing POA Beach Brookhaven
Bayberry Cove Beach Brookhaven
Bayview Beach Brookhaven
Grantland Beach Brookhaven
Indian Field Beach Brookhaven
Little Bay Beach Brookhaven
Soundview Beach Association Beach Brookhaven
Terraces on the Sound Brookhaven
Havens Beach East Hampton
Eagle Dock Community Beach Huntington
Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club Beach Huntington
West Neck Beach Huntington
Lloyd Neck Bath Club Beach Huntington
Lloyd Harbor Village Park Beach Huntington
Gold Star Battalion Park Beach Huntington
Head of the Bay Club Beach Huntington
Nathan Hale Beach Club Beach Huntington
Baycrest Association Beach Huntington
Bay Hills Beach Association Huntington
Crescent Beach Huntington
Knollwood Beach Association Beach Huntington
Fleets Cove Beach Huntington
Centerport Beach Huntington
Huntington Beach Community Association Beach Huntington
Centerport Yacht Club Beach Huntington
Steers Beach Huntington
Asharoken Beach Huntington
Hobart Beach Huntington
Hobart Beach Huntington
Crab Meadow Beach Huntington
Wincoma Association Beach Huntington
Valley Grove Beach Huntington
Prices Bend Beach Huntington
West Islip Beach Islip
Benjamins Beach Islip
Islip Beach Islip
East Islip Beach Islip
West Oaks Recreation Club Beach Islip
Brightwaters Village Beach Islip
Bayport Beach Islip
Sayville Marina Park Beach Islip
Bayberry Beach & Tennis Club Beach Islip
Callahans Beach Smithtown
Short Beach Smithtown
Nissequogue Point Beach Smithtown
Long Beach Smithtown
Schubert Beach Smithtown

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