Third graders celebrate ‘Absolutely Incredible Kid Day’

There’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day and many other days to celebrate special people in our lives, but did you know there is a special day just for kids called “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day?” Created by the youth development organization Camp Fire as a simple yet meaningful way to let kids know they are appreciated, “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day” is celebrated on the third Thursday of each March. Third graders at Tangier Smith Elementary School got to experience it first hand as their teachers arranged for a special person (parent, grandparent, relative, family friend, etc.) to read a letter about how each child is incredible and what a special gift he or she is to the world. Students were surprised when they came back to their classrooms to find their special person waiting to greet them. Students from the following classes participated: Caitlin Contes, Michelle Montalbano, Melissa Unger, Chanda Zadrazil, Christine DeFelice, Kristi Dunne and Dylan Ierardi. Follow this link to see a video of students in Caitlin Contes’s and Michelle Montalbano’s class surprised by their special guests!

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