Town officials announce Areskonk Creek dredging begins

On January 22, Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilman Dan Panico were on hand for the Town of Brookhaven’s Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Recycling and Sustainable Materials Management first day of dredging the Areskonk Creek. Sand has come in through the entrance of the creek, located on the north side of Moriches Bay, since the bulkhead was damaged during Superstorm Sandy. It has slowly clogged boat access and threatened to cut off the flow of the cool water that quickly replenishes the ebb tide’s sun-heated and oxygen-depleted water. The next storm could close off the creek’s water flow and turn it into a toxic lake if left in its current state. Work is expected to be completed by January 26.

Town officials announce Areskonk Creek dredging beginsSupervisor Romaine said, “Restoring the water flow to the way it was before Superstorm Sandy is essential to the future of Areskonk Creek.  This work will improve boater access to and from Center Moriches Bay, but most important is that it will have a great impact on the environment in and around the creek.”

Councilman Panico said, “While the Town does not typically engage in dredging projects, I am pleased that our heavy equipment operators were able to help alleviate the build up at the mouth of the creek.”

Areskonk Creek is home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife, including striped bass, eels, crabs, egret, heron, deer, woodchucks, and more. Osprey visit in the late spring and summer, bringing fresh fish from the creek to their hatchling’s nest on Senix Creek.

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