Two Sites For New Affordable Homes

Two homes in the Village of Mastic Beach were recently demolished as part of a plan to clean up our community.  The houses located at 142 Cypress Drive and 157 Cypress Drive were demolished earlier this week.  The property deeds where the homes were bulldozed were transferred to the Long Island Housing Partnership, Inc. (LIHP) through Suffolk County’s 72-H program and two beautiful homes will be built, giving these plots the much needed facelift the community deserves.

The new homes will be sold to first-time home buyers and will be affordable to those earning at or below 80% of HUD’s Area Median Income for Suffolk County based on family size.  For example a family of four’s maximum allowable income is $86,000.  LIHP is working with Suffolk County and the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation to provide the funding to makes these homes affordable.

James Britz, Sr. Vice President of the Long Island Housing Partnership says, “This is a true public/private partnership between LIHP, the Village of Mastic Beach and Suffolk County that will remove blight to construct new homes that will allow first time home buyers the opportunity to realize the American dream of home ownership.”


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  1. i couldn’t agree with you more… i believe the 2 that were demolished were condemned, but there are so many homes just empty for years with boards on them… that would be great to see….

  2. While this is a good idea, I would much rather see the renovating of some of the boarded up homes in the community and selling them to first time home buyers.

  3. great idea, lets just hope what ever mortgage banking is offered to these folks, they don’t repeat what took place in this community back in the 70 and 80’s, where the taxes were kept out of the monthly mortgage payment, most homes were sold to predominantly young couples having children, and when they found themselfs unable to save the tax money for the end of the year, the houses forclosed due to tax evasion, and it was a nightmare…there were abandoned homes on every street… not what this area needs again…

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