WF summer grads set new graduation rate

Last week, 28 William Floyd High School seniors finished the requirements to attain a high school diploma, joining nearly 700 of their peers from the Class of 2018 to become the newest members of the William Floyd alumni family. The ceremony, attended by students and their families, teachers, administrators and members of the board of education, was the capstone of their K-12 journey, which also set a new William Floyd graduation rate record of 86.1 percent, surpassing the previous record of 85 percent set last year.

Anna Morrow, delivering the student remarks, began by congratulating her fellow graduates and thanking her family, friends and teachers, who helped make graduation possible. “I would be the first to admit that school was not something I always cared for,” she said. “I was a lost soul in a big world. I felt like I was on a battlefield, but I was determined to win, not just for me, but for my family.”

Robert Vecchio, president of the William Floyd Board of Education, also addressed the graduates. “The lessons and experiences during your time at William Floyd will be with you for the rest of your life,” he said. “The opportunities will be presented to you. It’s up to you how you will take advantage of them.

“Embrace the grind, commit to excellence, and always remember, it’s harder to do the right thing the right way, than to do what is easy and popular. So do the right thing the right way and keep moving forward,” Vecchio concluded.

“No one can take this diploma away from you,” said superintendent of schools Kevin M. Coster in his remarks to the graduates. “You now stand as proud William Floyd alumni and I know that throughout your life, you will remain Floyd strong. There will still be many challenges along the way. This diploma is your ticket and it opens up numerous options for you, options that many of you did not think you were going to have,” he said. “So as you begin the next chapter of your journey, remember the family, friends, teachers, counselors and administrators who inspired you; also think of those that doubted you to help motivate you to be successful.”

The ceremony, attended by approximately 100 friends and family members, board of education members including Vecchio and fellow trustees April Coppola, Robert Guerriero and Lorraine Mentz, also featured student speaker Anna Morrow, Floyd Academy principal John DeBenedetto, summer school principal Dr. Michele Gode, William Floyd High School principal Philip Scotto, superintendent Kevin M. Coster as well as assistant superintendents Kathleen Keane and Dr. Stacey Scalise. Graduate Brian Duford led the Tassel Ceremony, while his classmate Joseline Delgado led the Pledge of Allegiance.

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