WFHS Foreign Language Honor Society develops new ENL program

The Foreign Language Honor Society (FLHS) at William Floyd High School has recently developed a new ENL (English as a New Language) tutoring program, designed to narrow the learning curve and provide one-on-one assistance to English language learners with the desire to succeed.

The ENL tutoring program was established to help English language learners in basic education subjects such as math, science, English and social studies. The program is designed in such a way that allows FLHS students to utilize their strengths and talents to assist ENL students in the areas they are struggling.

“By working together and being assisted by a peer who is learning their language, trust is established between both students and opportunity for learning success is enhanced,” said Derek Robinson, foreign language teacher and FLHS advisor.

This innovative program was created by students at William Floyd High School that have earned entry to the FLHS by achieving a 90 or above grade point average (GPA) in all of their foreign language courses, and have an overall cumulative GPA of 85 or higher. FLHS participants must also prove their foreign language strength by completing an essay in their language of study, as well as receive teacher recommendations, all the while demonstrating good character and ethical behavior.

An ancillary yet incredibly important benefit of working with students whose primary language is the same one the FLHS members are studying is the opportunity to converse and learn from the foreign language speaking student.

“The students in FLHS and ENL collaborate and work together on classwork or homework that the kids are having difficulty with,” added Mr. Robinson. “During the early stages of this program, we have seen kids utilize the language learned in their foreign language courses as well to help the ENL students at times helping the FLHS students build their language skills.”

The new ENL program is held every Tuesday during the extra help period at the high school and currently has a large and growing attendance of ENL students that see the value in the program. As word continues to spread about the new Foreign Language Honor Society ENL tutoring program, attendance should increase.

“William Floyd High School, in active partnership with students, parents, educators and the community, is committed to creating a challenging and rigorous academic environment where all students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to become responsible members of the community,” said Mr. Philip Scotto, high school principal. “The students and faculty members who established this innovative ENL tutoring program are shining examples of how to accomplish this mission.”

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