Elementary school science fair winners to compete at BNL

Students from Moriches Elementary, Tangier Smith Elementary and William Floyd Elementary schools recently participated in their school-wide science fairs for the opportunity to have their projects entered into the Brookhaven National Laboratory Science Fair in May. Winners also had the opportunity to have their work displayed at the district’s annual STEM Symposium in March. Last year, Tangier Smith Elementary School student Greg Ross, Jr., took first place in the first-grade division for his project, “Egg Count.”

Congratulations to the following students who will compete in the BNL Science Fair in May!

Moriches Elementary School
Primary level:
1st Place: Rylie Wiegand, 2nd grade. Project: “What will make fruit ripen the fastest?” (Ms. Foster)
2nd Place: Avery Barraud, 2nd grade. Project: “Beach Erosion.” (Ms. Dunbar)
3rd Place: Riley Meyer, kindergarten. Project: “Colors and Light.” (Ms. Petersen)

Honorable Mention:  Raven Delcuore, 3rd grade. Project: “What Cat Treats Do My Cats Like the Best?” (Ms. Dobbeck)

Fourth Grade:

1st Place: Matthew Reis, Project: “Water Quality on Long Island.” (Ms. Ranieri)

2nd Place: Drew Wiegand, Project: Chemical Fertilizer vs. No Fertilizer.” (Ms. Ranieri)

3rd Place: Gabriel Ferriolo, Project: “Kiki Bouba Effect.” (Ms. Ranieri)

Fifth Grade:

1st Place: Kayla Gilmore, Project: Bottled Water vs. Tap Water.” (Mr. Megna/Ms. Scala)

2nd Place: Adrianna Filippelli, Project: “Which Whitening Toothpaste Makes Your Teeth the Whitest?” (Mr. Megna/Ms. Scala)

3rd Place: Aidan Russo, Project: “Does the Sense of Smell Affect Taste?” (Mr. Megna/Ms. Scala)

Tangier Smith Elementary School
1st Place: Mason Ross, kindergarten, “What Food Jack Likes Best.” (Mrs. Casey/Mrs. Wagner)
1st Place: Madison Edwards, 1st grade, “Sight vs. Taste.” (Mrs. Curtin)
1st Place: Madison Hernandez, 2nd grade, “Flower Power.” (Mrs. Dentel)
1st Place: Kylie Montella, 3rd grade, “Can Pain be Distracted?” (Ms. Montalbano/Mrs. Contes)
1st Place: Cameron Ramesar, 4th grade, “Thermal Conductivity of Metal.” (Mrs. Pimentel)
1st Place: Evan Maiorini, 5th grade, “Are Two Feet Better than One?” (Mrs. Robertson)

William Floyd Elementary School

1st Place: Christopher Conklin, kindergarten, “What Drink will Freeze the Fastest?” (Mrs. Ceglio)
1st Place: Landon Reiter, 1st grade, “Gross! Why Does My Apple Turn Brown?” (Ms. Leary)
1st Place: Alyssa Wood, 2nd grade, “The Balancing Act.” (Mrs. DeSantis)
1st Place: Sarah Foley, 3rd grade, “Does Temperature Affect How High Tennis Balls Bounce?” (Ms. Mina)
1st Place: Allison Conte, 4th grade, “Which Temperature will Yield the Strongest Field?” (Mrs. Lane)
1st Place: Brady Miller, 5th grade, “How Does Pollution Affect Plants?” (Mrs. DaEira-Loccisano)

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