William Floyd Learning Center students celebrate NY Road Runners Club milestone

Kindergarten students in Wendy Gross’s class along with third- and fourth-grade students from James Asselta’s class at the William Floyd Learning Center recently reached the 10-session milestone of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) program, a youth and events platform designed to help children develop movement skills through a mix of running and fitness activities. It is also set up to help children build their confidence, motivation and desire to be physically active for life.

Physical education teacher Christopher O’Gorman who serves as the NYRR school coordinator, along with Assistant Principal Camelle Person, the NYRR ambassador, and Principal Gary Bretton, celebrated this milestone with the teachers in a small ceremony in which students received medals and t-shirts for their efforts.

“This program helps get our students excited about fitness,” said Mr. O’Gorman. “It encourages them to be active, get fit and learn lifelong fitness strategies and techniques for healthy living.”

The next milestone that students are aiming for is the 25-session mark, then 50 followed by 70 sessions. NYRR will send prize incentives for students along the way.

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