William Floyd School District Holds Annual Turkey Trot


Gobble, GobbleWinner!

On Saturday, November 17th, William Floyd School District held its annual Turkey Trot at William Paca Middle School for students in grades 3-6.  Each runner received a T-shirt for participating in the one-mile run.  The first boy and the first girl in each grade from each school to cross the finish line won a turkey.  This occasion is not only fun tradition, but often provides younger students with an opportunity to participate in their first track and field event.

  1. My daughter has done the trot for three years now. She won 3rd grade came in 2nd in 4th and just came in 2nd in 5th. If she hadn’t stopped TWICE to tie her shoe laces I think she would have had first this year. The lesson is TIE YOUR SHOES CORRECTLY. 1st place was also from her school but she still won a turkey in the lottery.

    Thanks William Floyd for putting this on.

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