William Floyd STEM Symposium 2014 Gains Momentum

The Second Annual STEM Symposium was a huge success.  This event was visited by about 300 members of the William Floyd School District community celebrating STEM successes throughout the district.  The evening offered poster presentations by student researchers and science fair winners, interactive demonstrations presented by students, teachers and STEM professionals and a Whiz Bang Science Show was the finale of the evening.

The Symposium started out as a way to showcase the work of high school research students and in two short years expanded into an amazing event.  The faculty’s dedication to STEM and excitement about their work and the evening is what teaching is all about.

The STEM Enrichment Program is an initiative designed to provide active engagement for students in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students and teachers involved in the program work on critical, scientific, engineering and societal challenges in order to advance their skills and knowledge base for global society in the 21st century.

Students and teachers involved in the STEM Enrichment Program at William Floyd span from kindergarten through twelfth grade and are involved in many different STEM disciplines. A major component of STEM Enrichment is the William Floyd High School Research program. The students in this program have worked tirelessly on a multitude of projects to facilitate STEM programs and date collection throughout the school district.

“There is even more planned for next year,” said STEM Educator, Dr. Amy Meyer. “We believe we have begun a wonderful tradition!”


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