William Paca students collaborate on assembly line project

William Paca Middle School students in Donna Scalfani’s honors class, along with art teacher Marco Antenucci, collaborated with Bill Ashton’s class to learn about the assembly line process and what it takes to build manufactured goods.

Working with the honors students, Mr. Ashton’s class analyzed a photo of automaker Ford’s assembly line then described what they saw in detail before collaborating to build their own small cars. They used cardboard paper towel rolls as the car body, pencils as the axles, beads for wheels, erasers for hubcaps and markers for the paint job. Then after building the cars, they discussed how it felt working on an assembly line and the positive and negative aspects of this type of job.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]“It was a wonderful experience and they had a lot of fun learning about what happens behind the scenes at a manufacturing plant,” said Ms. Scalfani.[/quote_colored]

The lesson plan was also developed with the assistance of Roseann Magrane, William Paca Middle School Library Media Specialist.

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