A Day in the Life of the Carmans River


On September 25, Supervisor Ed Romaine joined fourth grade students from Woodhull Elementary School in Shirley (right photo) and the Charles E. Walters School in Yaphank (left photo) at the Wertheim Wildlife refuge on the banks of the Carmans River. The students were participating in the Central Pine Barrens Commission and the US Fish and Wildlife Services annual "A Day in the Life of the Carmans River.” The Supervisor spoke with them about the importance of preserving our water quality and protecting wildlife in Brookhaven Town. Supervisor Romaine said, “The future of our planet is in the hands of youngsters like the one’s I met with today. It’s important that they understand how fragile our environment really is and know that they can help to protect and preserve it so future generations can enjoy what nature has provided.” During “A Day in the Life of the Carmans River,” students and teachers from schools around Brookhaven Town engage in hands-on science exploration of the river. The purpose is to help students develop an appreciation of Long Island’s river and estuary ecosystems, to collect useful scientific data and allow them to become stewards of water quality and natural resources.


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