Alexis Weik

New York’s 3rd Senatorial District


Challenger Alexis Weik is running against Monica Martinez for the 3rd District of the state Senate. Weik is the current receiver of taxes for the Town of Islip. She has lived in the district her entire life, in Ronkonkoma, Oakdale, and now Sayville.

Weik expressed her familiarity with the constituents of the district. In addition to joining various chambers of commerce and civic groups within the district, she pointed out the importance of listening to the constituency and their collective concerns.

“Even if I didn't agree with them, or even if I didn't really see it from their perspective, I tried to make sure that I took a step back and really listened to them and heard what they had to say. We really have come up with some good solutions, including the requests of taxpayers and my constituents. Because of that, people seem to be pretty happy with me,” Weik said, continuing on to note that she received the most votes in three consecutive races for receiver of taxes. “The office that I held gave me the benefit of not being so political because I was non-legislative. But I have carried that forward. In the past few months, just listening to people and what they have to say... they have appreciated that I have been out knocking on doors.”

Discussing her platform, Weik said that repealing all state legislation relevant to bail reform was atop her list, referencing various bills passed in the past year.

“I come from a police family, and I can see the damage that bail reform has done to our communities and how much it is costing us not just the lives that it has taken,” Weik said. “But it is really costing us a fortune, making it so much more expensive to live on Long Island.”

Restarting the economy is next, Weik said, continuing on to discuss providing aid to small businesses.

“We rely on our jobs and our businesses to thrive, making sure that we are cutting red tape and not putting more regulations and making it harder for business to operate. My goal would be to make sure we are working with business to make sure that they are thriving and succeeding and not taxing them and prohibiting them from doing what they do,” Weik said, adding that she herself is a former small-business owner. “If you go out into the community, you can see how hard businesses are really pouring their heart and soul into just staying alive, and I would like to help them. Businesses have had to reinvent themselves. It should be our job as government officials to make sure that we are assisting them however we can, whether it is making sure they have federal funding to provide assistance with either payroll or PPE.”

She said social media has been a key aspect of her campaign. After social-distancing restrictions began to impede on gatherings and revert most meetings to Zoom and similar applications, Weik said she was trying to participate in as many virtual meetings as she could.

“Even if I didn't have an active part, I was able to listen and hear what concerns each area had,” she said.

When restrictions eased in June, Weik’s door-to-door campaigning picked up. Since then, Weik has been in touch with her constituents even more and listening to what they have to say.


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