Cooking breakfast and supporting veterans, too

‘From Bland to BAM!’ Breakfast edition


“Cooking with a Veteran” founder Dave Rogers has curated his third cookbook, and as always, the proceeds of the book continue to go to veterans.

“From Bland to BAM! Breakfast” is a 72-page book, the second in the series of “Bland to BAM.” The book takes you through the world of breakfast. Rogers said he has always been interested in how different cultures handle breakfast and wanted to take you on that journey!

“Growing up, breakfast was usually cold cereal or instant oatmeal. The only time we really had a full breakfast was at our grandmother’s house. After church on Sunday, our dad would take us sometimes to IHOP, or if there was a funeral or wedding, then we would go to the Greek diner,” said Rogers of his inspiration for the book. “Over the years traveling around, I was always fascinated with how different cultures handled breakfast.”

Recipes include cast-iron options like cast-iron eggs, omelets, benedict, casserole, sandwiches and cheesy hashbrowns. Rogers also includes decadent options like French toast, pancakes and cornbread as well as scones, bagels and cinnamon rolls.

What’s fun about the book? The special sections dedicated to Southern recipes like shrimp and grits and pig shots, as well as the Asian influence section for the Japanese-rolled and Thai omelets.

The book is filled with full-color large photos and awesome tips and tricks along the way. Rogers is known for his easy-to-read and easy-to-follow directions. And he promises food packed with flavor.

Our only suggestion after purchasing his new book: get a cast iron! You’re going to need it.


The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle for purchase via Amazon for $12.50; or $17 for a signed copy. For every book sold, 30 percent of the sales goes to the veterans at the VFW National Home.

$17 with autograph; all additional donations go to the National Home. 



Dave Rogers is a 14-year Army veteran who served in Desert Storm, Bosnia and Korea, as well as the World Trade Center. He left the Army in 2005 due to a neck injury he suffered while serving at the World Trade Center. He credits the VFW for helping him continue on after his service. He still serves by running a weekly Coffee with a Veteran on Zoom to check in with veterans across the country, as well as his famous “Cooking with a Veteran” YouTube show. He started cooking, and it eventually turned into his show. 

“When I talk about my love of cooking, I like to tell how my mother (God rest her soul) was such a bad cook, she could burn water,” he joked. “My fondest memories of my childhood were walking to my grandmother’s house after school; you could smell food cooking all over the block.”

After joining the Army and traveling to various countries, his love for food grew. As he traveled, he learned new secrets and cultures. He calls his approach to cooking “grunt style”—easy recipes for veterans. Flavorful food, he said, is not a lot of seasoning or adding a lot of salt, but rather allowing the flavors of the food to stand out. Besides his love of cooking, Rogers is also an artist who loves to create and experiment with art.