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‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’’s Colin Mochrie comes to Patchogue


Colin Mochrie, of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” is coming to the Patchogue Theatre for Performing Arts on April 30. He will be performing his highly acclaimed two-man improv show, “Scared Scriptless.”

Mochrie will be performing alongside his longtime comedy partner, Brad Sherwood. The show is the longest-running live improv show in the world, where the duo will be armed with solely their wit. The TV staple, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” has been running for nearly two decades as one of television’s longest-running series. The show returned for its final season on March 31.

He can also be found touring the country with master hypnotist Asad Mecci in their show “HYPROV: Improve Under Hypnosis,” which just concluded off-Broadway with rave reviews.

Mochrie spent some time to discuss the upcoming Patchogue Theatre show with the Long Island Advance:

LIA: What should the audience expect from this show? What is the best part?


We like to say it’s sort of a live version of “Whose Line,” without the dead weight—you know, Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady—it’s more interactive than the TV show; audience members get on stage. It’s a couple hours where you are not going to learn anything, but you’ll have a couple of good laughs and forget about what’s happening with the world.

LIA: Have you ever been to the area? Why are you excited to visit Patchogue?


I am always very excited and love the fact that we get to go all around America and see all the beautiful theaters. I love meeting new people and having a good time. I am going to say I have been to Patchogue, but I have nothing to back that up. I feel like I have been there, 80 percent confident, yes. Currently, I live in Toronto, Canada.

LIA: Why have you stuck with “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” for so long? What is it about the show that has allowed it to go on for so long?


The reason I love doing it is it’s two weekends out of the year, so it really doesn’t take a lot of time, and I get the chance to see my friends who I don’t have a chance to see throughout the year. It’s fast and fun. And there are a few reasons the show has done alright—part of it is you can see how much fun the cast is having, and that becomes kind of contagious. With improv, there’s that sense of surprise all the time.

LIA: What are your plans for the future as the show comes to a close? More tours?


I have a couple tours going on right now and a couple of movies coming. If you study my career at any point, there really is no concerted effort—whatever happens, happens. I have been very fortunate—some things come my way. I never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. Since the pandemic, that has really come true; you can’t plan for anything. I have true improv in my life—go with the flow.

As for the show, Mochrie said it’s family-friendly with a wide demographic. He said there has been kids as young as 7 and people as old as their early 90s in attendance.


(This bio was provided)

Colin Mochrie, who is one of the most renowned improv artists today, is currently performing his acclaimed show “HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis” with master hypnotist Asad Mecci off-Broadway at the Daryl Roth Theatre.

Recognized for phenomenal success on stage, Colin and “Whose Line”’s Brad Sherwood celebrated the 20th anniversary of their “Scared Scriptless” tour last year.  They’ve been recognized for having the longest-running improv tour show in history and even had the honor of headlining at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.   It is no wonder that Colin was honored alongside comedienne Andrea Martin with the inaugural recipients of Canada’s John Candy Award for Excellence in Comedy.

Colin has built a massive following co-starring on the hysterical series, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” which was just picked up for its 19th season making “Whose Line” one of the longest-running comedy shows on television.    Colin and co-stars Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles, along with host Aisha Taylor, have entertained generations of fans for almost two decades with their hilarious banter while playing incredible spontaneous improv games.  Colin was also a regular for nine years on the British version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” 

Most recently, Colin reprised his role as private investigator Ralph Fellows in the Canadian mystery/crime drama “The Murdoch Mysteries,” which airs on the Ovation Channel in the U.S and starred in Amazon’s “LOL: Last One Laughing Canada,” where he took home first prize in the competitive series and has a cameo role in the “Kids In The Hall,” which also aired on Amazon.  Colin can currently be seen in the indie film comedy “The End of Sex,” which just had its premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival.

Previously, Colin co-starred in CBC’s TV movie “A Christmas Letter,” the theatrical film “Boys vs. Girls” opposite Kevin McDonald, and was a featured in the documentary “Act Social,” about the healing potential of applied improvisation. And earlier this year, Colin received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Lead Performance for his role in the webcast “Mass Hysterical: A Comedic Cantata.”

Colin also authored “Not Quite the Classics,” published by Viking Books, where he takes the first and last lines from familiar classics and reimagines everything in between, taking the reader in bizarre and hilarious new directions.

An alumnus of Toronto’s famous Second City troupe and lifelong resident of Canada, he and his wife, actress and comedian, Debra McGrath, also enjoy performing their own improv shows throughout the Canada.  They are also proud parents of their daughter Kinley, who is transgender, and have become supporters of Welcome Friend Association’s Rainbow Camp, which provides for LBGTQ teens.


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