Know someone worthy of recognition?

Nominate them today!


The Long Island Advance is once again requesting nominations to award one individual for our newly renamed “Inspiration Award.”

Candidates for the award should include those individuals who support our South Shore community in a volunteer capacity. It should not be someone who is known to this community because of their job or professional position. We are looking for people who take it upon themselves to make a difference in this community, not simply someone who has a job to do, or who happens to be a member of a well-established organization.

As worthy as those efforts are, we believe that those people receive recognition in other ways, whether in the form of a paycheck or advancement within the organizations to which they belong.

The editorial board of The Long Island Advance is looking to honor someone who has contributed in some special way to the community in which they live. These individuals are the ones who deserve recognition for their efforts, but don’t go about their work to receive media or public attention.

The deadline for nominations is Thursday, Dec. 28, 2023.

Letters of nomination must include a detailed summary of the person’s accomplishments and a phone number of the nominee. Nominations should be sent to: The Long Island Advance, P.O. Box 780, Patchogue, NY 11772, or by fax to 631-475-1565. Nominations can also be sent to the following email address:

Please address all correspondence to: Attention: Inspiration Awards.

Don’t put it off. Take a few minutes today to think about your nominations and write to us as soon as you have made your choices. Thank you!

Past winners

2023- ???

2022- Michael Cohen of Bellport and Emily Volpe of Patchogue

2021- Susan Kahl of the Mary Immaculate Thrift Store

2020- Our Health Care Heroes: Ali Dennis Guillermo, Maria Maurisseau and Jennifer Turner

2019-Keith Caputo of Helping Makes U Happy and Kathy Fallon of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce

2018- Pastor Jim Ryan of the Lighthouse Mission in Bellport and Patricia Peterson of the Angels of Long Island

2017 - Debbie Loesch of Bellport and Louis Valentino of East Patchogue

2016 - Catherine Olinger of Patchogue and Dave Rogers of Patchogue

2015 - Emily Marge and Erin Maud of Pat-Med High School and Tim Gentzel of East Patchogue

2014 - Peg Rand of East Patchogue and Mark Miller of Bayport

2013 - Christopher Capobianco of Patchogue and Rose Ventiere of East Patchogue

2012 - John Rogers of North Bellport and Lori Fosmire of East Patchogue

2011 - Brian Weeks of Patchogue (posthumously) and Johan McConnell of South Yaphank

2010 - Pamela Smith of Patchogue and Al Rand of Bellport

2009 - James Vaughan of Bellport and Margaret King of Patchogue

2008 - Louise Ebert of Medford and Thomas J. Keegan of Patchogue

2007 - Nancy Marr of East Patchogue and Steve Gill of Patchogue

2006 - Helen Starke of Brookhaven hamlet and Walter Ladick of Patchogue

2005 - Thomas Williams of Brookhaven hamlet and Marilyn McKeown of Brookhaven hamlet

2004 - Frederick “Ted” Davies of East Patchogue and Barbara “Bonnie” Underwood of Patchogue

2003 - Bill Hoerschgen of East Patchogue and Mary Kate Goff of East Patchogue

2002 - Vincent Carfora of Patchogue and Thelma Vaz of Bellport

2001 - Neil Esposito of Bayport and Faith McCutcheon of Brookhaven hamlet

2000 - Doug Steigerwald of East Patchogue and Betty Fuka of Brookhaven hamlet

1999 - Marty Van Lith of Brookhaven hamlet and Anne Swezey of Patchogue

1998 - Art Cooley of Bellport and Sister Elaine of Patchogue

1997 - Anthony Gazzola of East Patchogue and Janice Schaefer of Mastic Beach

1996 - Matthew Bailey of Patchogue and Dava Stravinsky of Bellport

1995 - Dennis Puleston of Brookhaven hamlet and Ruth Manitta of East Patchogue

1994 - Miles Boone and Rae Maynes of North Bellport

1993 - Jesus Garcia and Renee Alevas of Patchogue


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