Letter to Santa


(Editor’s note: We received this letter in our weekly mail delivery. It’s a long way to the North Pole and since it might not make it in time, we’ve decided to share it, in hopes that Santa, or one of his helpers, is out there and sees it.)

Dear Santa,

I would like a home for Christmas. It doesn’t have to be a very big home.  Just a home with a yard and some room for me where there are people who’d love me. 

I have been a good boy.  I follow commands, I have lots of energy, and I love to be outside.  I also love my chewy toys because they make me feel good.  I love treats, too, but sometimes, I eat too many.

After three and a half years, I was adopted from an overcrowded local shelter. A month later, one of my owners died. His wife could not keep me by herself, so I I had to go back.  It wasn’t quiet there and I felt lost. I was only allowed outside for 5 to 10 minutes daily for 1821 days.  It was a very long time. I missed my ball and my squeaky toys. 

I have heard that if we are very good, you will grant our dearest wish, that Christmas dreams come true.  I already have toys and friends and a window in my kennel enclosure. On sunny days, I can see boys and girls and families together outside.

I want to go with them. If I had a home as the only pet, I could play ball again, run, and have my belly rubbed.  I really like children, too, as long as they’re older.

I live at Almost Home Rescue now.  I’ve been here since Oct. 20.  Brittany, my friend here, says “almost home” means I’m a step closer to really being home. I like that.

Santa, I know that just being good isn’t enough.  Sometimes what you need is a miracle. I’ve heard they’re in short supply right now, and many need them.  But, if there’s a small one left in your bag this year, could it be mine? I would be so happy.

- Dougie