Long Island Community Hospital celebrates milestone of 1,000 robotic surgeries


Upcoming merger with NYU Langone Health

In a milestone for local health care, Long Island Community Hospital celebrated its 1,000th robotic surgery on Monday.

The event was marked by the presence of community leaders, elected officials, and hospital staff, highlighting the significant advancements and new offerings for patients as the hospital prepares to merge with NYU Langone Health next year.

Robotic surgeries, which offer patients numerous benefits such as smaller incisions, less pain, faster recovery times, and shorter hospital stays, have become a cornerstone of the hospital’s surgical services.

Long Island Community Hospital performs a wide array of robotic procedures, including hernia, bariatric, gynecological, and oncology-related surgeries. It is currently one of the few facilities in Suffolk County where surgeons perform emergency general surgery robotically.

“I am thrilled to have such advanced technology and top-of-the-line, quality care right here in the 3rd Senate District at Long Island Community Hospital,” said State Sen. Dean Murray, who represents Patchogue. “One thousand robotic surgeries is truly an amazing accomplishment. With the upcoming merger with NYU Langone Health, I know more amazing things are on the way.”

Marc Adler, senior vice president and chief of hospital operations, emphasized the local impact of the hospital’s robotic surgery program.

“The addition of robotic surgery has already had a great impact on the community, benefiting more than 1000 patients who might have otherwise had to travel far from home for medical procedures they can now receive right here,” he said.

During the celebration, Megan Winner, director of the Robotic Surgical Oncology Program at NYU Langone Hospital-Long Island, provided a brief demonstration on how robotic surgery works, showcasing the advanced technology and precision involved in these procedures.

As Long Island Community Hospital prepares for its merger with NYU Langone Health, the institution continues to enhance its services and capabilities, ensuring that the community has access to the highest standards of medical care. The integration is expected to bring further advancements and resources, solidifying the hospital’s commitment to innovation and excellence in patient care.

The event not only celebrated a significant milestone, but also underscored the hospital’s dedication to improving health care for residents of Patchogue and surrounding areas. With the support of local leaders and the upcoming partnership with NYU Langone Health, Long Island Community Hospital is poised for a future of continued growth and success in delivering cutting-edge medical treatments. 


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