Longtime town clerk set to retire

1.92 percent tax increase to be voted on Nov. 17


On Thursday, Nov. 10, the Brookhaven Town Board Meeting commenced, overviewing the retirement of longtime town clerk Donna Lent as well as the proposed tax raise of 1.92 percent next year. 

The meeting started on a bittersweet note as town clerk Donna Lent announced officially to the public her retirement after 30 years of service.  She was wished well by her collages, who called the longtime county clerk “a truly committed resident of the community.”

Having been the clerk since November 2013, an election will be held next year for someone new to take over her position. After a warm applause from the audience and her peers, Lent was given a commemorative plaque for her years of service to the Town of Brookhaven, before the meeting continued to the next main point.

The proposed tax spike of 1.92 percent was overviewed by the town board, which focused on raising taxes to homeowners to $10.52 per year. The proposed tax spike would be used to raise money for the district to fund many public services. Some of these public services include school funding, added union positions in recreation centers such as parks or waterways, and a higher budget for snow removal come this winter.  Even with the 1.92 percent tax spike, Brookhaven supervisor Ed Romaine said it would still be well below the New York State levy budget.

However, the town board ruled that the proposed 2023 tax raise be voted upon in the next meeting, to give the other board members time to think about the decision.  This meeting will occur on Thursday, Nov. 17, where the tax raise will be ruled in favor of or in favor against by the Brookhaven Town Board.

Having been the town clerk since November 2013, Donna Lent is set to retire. An election will be held next year for someone new to take over her position.


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