Methodist Church to host cemetery dedication ceremony


The Center Moriches Methodist Church will be hosting a dedication ceremony for the renovation of their 1800s cemetery.

The event will be held on June 22 at 10 a.m. at the cemetery located at 464 Main Street, in Center Moriches.

Pastor Tracy Moore now hopes to contact and invite any and all of the descendants of those who were originally buried in the cemetery.

“In preparation for the dedication of this wonderful collaborative effort between Dylan Brown, the soon-to-be Eagle Scout’s team, and the trustees of Center Moriches United Methodist Church, I hope to make contact with any descendants of those who were originally buried in the cemetery,” said Moore.

Earlier this year, local Boy Scout and Eastport-South Manor High School senior Dylan Brown conducted his Eagle Scout Project at the cemetery, fabricating, supplying, and installing perimeter fencing and an entrance to the arbor for the centuries-old cemetery.

“I wanted to be able to give back to the community that I was a part of in my troop for the last decade, and I wanted to also be able to exercise my duty to God, which is one of the many important things to do as a scout,” said Brown. “The project allowed me to work with the many people that I otherwise would not have been able to, and I’m glad I ended up going forward with it.”

The project, he said, began around October of last year and was recently completed in March. The project was fully funded by his family at a total cost of just over $500.

His project also included hand painting all the engraved lettering on all the tombstones.

Additionally, the church trustees managed the entire renovation, aiding in the fencing pole installations, replanting the tombstones, and providing land clearing, topsoil, and grassing operations.

Are you a descendant?

Those who are related to any of listed persons, or know someone who is, please TEXT Rev. Moore at 1-973-214-6171 to identify yourself and share any additional information or questions.

  • Mary Frances Clark died in 1832.
  • Mary Clark died in 1837.
  • Capt. Moses Clark died in 1841.
  • Egbert Edwards died in 1843.
  • Gilbert Edwards died in 1845.
  • Charles Hulse died in 1871.
  • Isaac N. Osborn died in 1832.
  • David R. Overton died in 1843.
  • Phebe Russel Penny died in 1850.
  • William Penny died in 1847.
  • Ryder Sith died in 1870.
  • Randolph Smith died in 1849.
  • Sarah E. Smith died in 1840.
  • William Smith died in 1854.
  • Terry died in 1855.


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