Now is the Time for Clean Water


Save the Great South Bay began in 2013 when classmates returned to their Sayville High School reunion after years away.  The cool waters they clammed in their childhood had become a wasteland.  The smell of the murky, brown waters was too much.  They decided to save the Great South Bay that night.

The Most Impactful Solution
In development for over ten years, Suffolk County's Clean Water Plan is a real solution to the nitrogen problem that affects our groundwater and the Bay. It is a blue print to expanding our use of sewers & replace outdated cesspools to protect our way of life and our families.

We Deserve the Right To Vote on Clean Water
To make this affordable for locals and get access to millions of federal and state dollars being disbursed right now (once they're gone, they're gone), a dedicated funding source can be created by increasing the county sales tax by 1/8 of a penny. This is the equivalent of just 12 cents on a $100 taxable purchase.

The fund would help eliminate 380,000 polluting wastewater systems by connecting homes and businesses to sewers and installing clean water septic systems.

Now is the Time for Clean Water
On June 21, 2023, 46 of the 47 speakers spoke for four hours in support of the measure at the Legislative meeting. However the Legislature voted against letting voters decide on the measure. 

On July 25th, there is one more chance for the Legislature to vote to allow the voters to decide on how important clean water is to them. If they vote no, we will be deprived of the right to choose.  We will also lose this once-in-a-lifetime chance to give our children the clean water they deserve.

How You Can Help
We need the Suffolk County Legislature to put the Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Fund on the 2023 general election ballot.

Click below to email your Suffolk County legislators right now and ask them to place this important measure on the ballot so voters can choose a clean water future.


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