Patchogue resident and Ireland native will make you laugh

Comedian Mick Thomas set to perform two shows at the Argyle


The ancient proverb, “Laughter is the best medicine”—based on a quote originated in the King James version of the Bible—turns out to be backed by scientific evidence as well. According to empirical studies—such as one conducted by neuroscientist Robert Provine and colleagues, in the early 1990s—laughter really does have salubrious properties and is an integral thread weaving the fabric of society together. There are few things more healing than a communal gathering of those finding humor in the quotidian while enjoying a night out at a local venue offering top-notch entertainment.

On Monday, March 6 and Tuesday, March 7, Patchogue resident and nationally renowned comedian Mick Thomas will be performing at the Argyle Theatre in Babylon, with crooner Andy Cooney and his Irish Cabaret. Born and raised in Wexford, Ireland, it wasn’t until Thomas moved to New York—ultimately settling down in Patchogue—where his comedy career really began to thrive. The Irish raconteur’s everyman charm, dry wit, and observational humor was embraced by the area’s appreciative East Coast audiences.

Thomas’s promoter Kathleen Reymont said, “He deserves to be recognized. He’s Irish. That’s a great draw, the accent. I just like his comedy style. He’s relatable. He picks out any kind of subject and makes it funny,” she said of his conversational style of comedy. It may be this juxtaposition of relatability, counterbalanced with the allure of distant lands, which makes Thomas so compelling to local audiences as a performer.

What brought Thomas all the way from his home country to the South Shore of Long Island? Life’s other veritable panacea—right up there with laughter—love!

“He married someone from Patchogue, and he’s been living here for 20 years. He developed his comedy 16 years ago,” said Reymont, evincing how instrumental his adopted home was in the honing of his comedic craft. “The show with the Argyle has Andy Cooney, an Irish singer—because it’s St. Patrick’s Day—with his Irish Cabaret.”

The fan-turned-promoter encourages comedy fans to come out and escape the end-of-winter weariness of daily life for a night of carefree fun. “Because of COVID, people haven’t really been out to see anything. People want to go out, laugh, and forget their trouble,” Reymont said.

In need of some laugh therapy? Check out Thomas’s comedy on social media at YouTube@mickthomas5090, Mick Thomas Comedy on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. To purchase tickets or to find out more information, go to


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