Transmission cable route presented

A deeper look at the underground path


The underground transmission cable for Sunrise Wind Farm is proposed to make landfall at Smith Point County Park in Shirley, eventually making its way northwestward to the Holbrook conversion station, also known as a substation. A virtual open house held by Sunrise Wind on Monday at 6:30 p.m. delved further into the specifics of the route, as well as the installation process.

With electricity being generated far offshore, an output subsea cable routes to an offshore substation. The offshore substation collects the generated power and sends the electricity to shore through another subsea cable called the export cable. This cable will then make landfall and then will be buried underground the length of the onshore route until it gets to the onshore converter station, also known as an onshore substation, where it connects with the rest of the electric grid.

Derek Berg, a spokesperson for Sunrise Wind, powered by Ørsted and Eversource, said that maintaining the condition of the environment is being prioritized in each aspect of the proposed operation.

“This is particularly relevant for our work bringing the offshore cable to shore and when we will need to cross existing onshore infrastructure,” Berg said, continuing on to explain that the employment of horizontal directional drilling is key in order to transition the cable from offshore to onshore. “This method allows us to install cables underground quickly without disturbing surface structures, therefore minimizing destruction. The depth of the cable beneath the beach and near-shore area will be designed to protect it from erosion.”

In terms of the installation of the route to the Holbrook substation, Berg relayed that necessary construction includes trench excavation, pavement removal, installation of steel plates in intersections, as well as installing conduits and bolts with manhole covers.

“After installing these components, the trenches will be backfilled and covered,” he said. “It is important to note that at the end of this work, we leave the construction area fully restored to mirror the pre-existing or improved condition.”


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