Students stay fit through William Floyd Learning Center's NYRR club


Students at the William Floyd Learning Center have been participating in the Rising New York Road Runners (NYRR) club activities as a way to improve their physical fitness and learn new ways to stay healthy. As part of this endeavor, students, earlier this year, completed a bus loop marathon outside of their school as a way to challenge themselves to meet and surpass their fitness and running goals.

“All students, no matter their fitness ability, gave it their all and completed the race,” said Camelle Person, assistant principal, William Floyd Learning Center. “They had a great time challenging themselves to run their fastest and complete the virtual marathon challenge.”

Additionally, throughout the year, students continued to compete in various NYRR events including the virtual Coast-to-Coast Challenge, in which they virtually traveled to all 50 states to take on physical challenges related to the geography in each state – which also served as a fun and educational journey.

As part of the culminating activity for their home state in the Coast-to-Coast Challenge, students participated in a climbing challenge in which kindergarten students had to climb and hold onto a rope for 10 seconds and then climb half way up and touch a marker. Those who successfully completed these challenges received special superhero-themed awards – a Spiderman certificate for climbing and a Hulk award for strength.

“Students are currently working toward hitting their 100-mile markers, making them eligible for NYRR medals,” said Ms. Person. “Our students continue to do a great job moving, earning their points, exercising and staying healthy.” She added that one student also used this program to get in shape and shed nearly 40 pounds by eating healthier and staying active – “goals he probably would not have set for himself without the help of the NYRR program.”


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