Verne Critz students save the eagles


Mrs. DeRosa’s third graders were inspired to take action after they attended a presentation at Verne W. Critz Elementary School. The Quogue Wildlife Refuge presented on “Birds of Prey” to the students at Verne W. Critz Elementary School. The three girls began a campaign to save the eagles by creating posters, poems and making morning announcements in order to raise funds for this cause. They recruited their parents to help out and this partnership between home and school was a success. The girls were able to collect over $250 and various supplies to donate to the wildlife refuge.

Together with their parents, Amaya, Olivia and Sofia visited the Quogue Wildlife Refuge during spring recess. Along with the monetary donations they collected, the girls also provided supplies for the animals such as eggs, apples, baby carrots and paper towels. Marisa Nelson, the Assistant Director for the refuge, was so impressed with their donations that she asked each girl to sponsor a bird of prey; Sofia chose a red tailed hawk, Olivia chose a barn owl and Amaya chose a bald eagle.

Verne W. Critz Elementary School Students will be recognized on the “Sponsor Tree” that is located at the entrance of Quogue Wildlife Refuge. Sofia, Olivia and Amaya will continue their work to save the eagles because they know they can make a difference.

Pictured left to right are third grade students Olivia D’Orio, Amaya Cullum and Sofia Almeyda.


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