Class of 1972 celebrates Class of 2022


The 1972 graduating class of William Floyd High School had the pleasure of having their 50th high school reunion last week. The William Floyd board of education and principal Philip Scotto invited the class to tour the school as part of their reunion. Those who toured the school said they were proud and amazed by the progress and development.

In perspective, the 220-student graduating Class of 1972 was the first class to begin seventh grade in 1966, at the brand-new WFHS. They gave the following advice and wishes to the class of 2022:

To the William Floyd High School Class of 2022—our wish for you:

Wonderful memories: remember your time and be Floyd Proud.

Value and take care of what you have: Appreciate everything, even the difficult times. Hard times teach you the most.

Take care of yourself. Spend your time wisely. Time passes very quickly!

Make wonderful new memories. Look ahead with pride and positivity. Enjoy your life out in the world. Look in every corner for the beauty, it is there.

Remember to say “thank you” and “I love you” to your family, parents and grandparents. They played a big role in your being here today.

To consider: When you come back in 2072 for your 50th reunion, William Floyd High School will be over 100 years old, and you will be close to 70. (A secret from our class to yours: 70 is the new 40!!!)

Class of 2022, congratulations on your graduation!


The William Floyd High School Class of 1972