West Islip board of education and budget results


The West Islip 2022-2023 budget was passed with 2,399 yes votes and 1,001 no votes. Proposition number two for the use of the capital reserve fund was approved with 2,468 yes votes and 886 no votes. Proposition number 3 for the establishment of capital reserve II was approved with 2,249 yes votes and 1,054 no votes.

In the board of education race, incumbent Thomas Compitello was reelected with 1,923 votes, incumbent Peter McCann was reelected with 2,071 votes and Grace Kelly was elected with 1,871 votes. The three seats on the board were at large. Claudia Worley received 1,454 votes, Valerie Rivera received 1,371 votes. Kristin Calder received 1,375 votes.


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